Wednesday, 7 September 2011

News: Confirmed: 3DS will get a second Circle Pad

So Nintendo have again been refining their 3DS strategy and it has now been confirmed that the previously rumoured second Circle Pad is real.  Andriasang have reported on how Japanese magazine Famitsu have described the addition as an extra cradle for the handheld.  The cradle adds an extra few centimetres to the system and positions the second Circle Pad by the action buttons.  The magazine also features images of upcoming Monster Hunter 3G and claims that the expansion has been designed with that game in mind.   

There isn't an official announcement regarding date and price of the new peripheral, or even what games additional games will make use of the second Circle Pad.  However Nintendo's 3DS press conference is scheduled for next week so hopefully we will receive more details then.

[source: Andriasang:
image courtesy of twitter user south1966, via: IGN]


  1. Now, I might be jumping to conclusions, but I think Nintendo have lost it.

  2. The more I think, look and read about this the more I am getting annoyed. When they first said about adding an analog stick I had flashbacks to devices that look like these but that is so much worse. How can a multi billion dollar company go through R&D and a) bring out a product like that, without any thought for the competition and b) make such an ugly lookimg add on that they expect people to BUY as an UPGRADE? sort your f*****g s**t out Nintendo or you'll go the way of SEGA.

    Nintendo used to be ahead of the curve not catching up to it.