Thursday, 8 September 2011

News: Max Payne 3 Details and Release Date Emerge

Max Payne... Daylight... WHAT?!

He'd been in the wilderness, the dark formidable emptiness of nothingness, for a long time, the longest time. His hair was falling out faster than a deranged and corrupt Angel falling from her precarious place in Heaven and his facial hair had grown to match that of the darkest of hell's demons. Or at least that's one possible introductory sentence for the upcoming and enigmatic Max Payne 3.

Despite having been announced in 2009 concrete details about Max Payne 3 have been scarce while fan-backlash at a Max Payne who looked like he'd eaten Die-Hard-era Bruce Willis was anything but. Well, Rockstar Games have broken  radio silence and confirmed Max Payne 3 for a March 2012 release.

As well as a release date, Rockstar have elaborated on the plot for the game which sees an older even more troubled Max working as private security for a rich family in Brazil - that is until circumstance and a gang attack forces Max to once again take up arms and clear his name in these strange new surroundings - most shockingly, considering the first two games, in some daylight environments!

With hair...
... without hair

The game will retain the previous games' bullet-time mechanics and also introduce a cover system.

Most surprising of all Max Payne 3 will introduce a multiplayer mode that is said to feature, curiously, "dynamic" maps. The multiplayer is said to feature a levelling and reward system as well as clan functionality.

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that the voice of Max Payne, James McCaffrey, is returning for Max Payne 3. Fortunately, it does appear that the original Max Payne's eternal grimace will not be returning.

How Max Payne in Max Payne 3 won't look

[Source: Eurogamer]

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