Friday, 2 September 2011

News: Nintendo to Stream the 3DS Product Announcement Conference

Nintendo have confirmed that their 3DS product announcement conference, taking place in Tokyo on September 13th, will also be streamed live via Ustream.

As of yet there's no confirmed announcements regarding exactly what will be unveiled at the event.  There have of course been rumours of new hardware on the way, but the conference itself has been described as a "new product announcement" conference suggesting perhaps that the conference itself will give details on new releases and software titles.

The event is taking place at 12(noon) in Japan, which translates as 3am here in the UK should you wish to stay up to watch the event.  If you'd rather be curled up sound asleep in your duvet then fear not as 8brit will be sure to bring you news of any announcements made at the event.

[Source: Nintendo, via: joystiq]

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