Tuesday, 23 August 2011

News: New 3DS model on its way?

Rumours are circulating that a new iteration of the 3DS is imminent. Although Nintendo has form in this area (different models, designs and colours have formed an integeral part of its hardware strategy since the Gameboy), the rumours suggest the new model will be a radical departure and might even sport a new name.

French site 01net is reporting that Nintendo are readying a new model and that will feature a second circle-pad as well as a much less pronounced 3D effect. 01net were responsible for recent leak of the Vita's specs and so certainly have precedent in this area.

Seemingly adding credence to the rumours is Nintendo's announcement today of a 3DS press conference on the 13th September, two days before the Tokyo Games Show.

01net's source insists that Nintendo is actively pushing for third party developers to utilise a second circle-pad and is circumventing the potential incompatibility of these games with the original 3DS by developing an add-on circle-pad for it, rumoured to retail for $10.

If true, this would be an unexpected move by Nintendo that carries a range of risks - specifically the possibility of further alienating the early adopters who have supported Nintendo and spent a great deal of money on the original 3DS. There's also the risk that consumers see this move as a sign of desperation - that said, the announcement of the press conference in particular have seen Nintendo's shares rally after a noticeable period of decline.

[Source: 01net, CVG]

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