Not an accurate representation of videogame journalism

As a recently launched start-up, 8brit is seeking writers to help contribute to the ongoing development and success of the website. Although these positions are unpaid, this is an ideal opportunity for those who are looking to gain experience of writing targeted features in the videogame industry.

Specifically we at 8brit are looking for those who possess our passion for videogames, an understanding of the UK games industry and an articulate, developed writing style.

The posts we are looking to fill include;
  •          Sony Editor
  •          Contributing Editors (various)

To apply, please prepare two pieces of writing related to videogame journalism, eg. a review, a news item or a feature, and e-mail them to us with a short description of yourself including;
  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • E-mail
  • Relevant experience
  • Area of interest (ie, Sony, Nintendo, News)
  • Any blogs/websites you currently contribute to/maintain
Contact us: team8brit[at]gmail[dot]com