About 8brit

8brit is a UK-focussed videogaming blog that aims to provide insightful and high-quality features with a particular interest in the UK games industry, UK-based developers and the appreciation of the history of videogames as a whole. Founded on the principle that we only post what we ourselves would like to read, we are driven by the desire to promote the UK video games industry and provide stimulating and thought-provoking articles and features.


Rich Byrne

I've always enjoyed gaming.  From an early age I used to boot up the Commadore 64 and wait hours for certain games to load (Ghostbusters mainly).  Even in recent years, amongst many other hobbies video gaming has a special place in my heart.  I love the escapism I get when gaming enjoy it just as much as a good book or film.  My first real experience running a game orientated website was with the extremely popular Zelda website, "The Master Sword" - a site on which I first worked with Kieron.  I am a published researcher in the field of HCI and have always had a strong affinity for writing and game journalism.  With 8brit I hope to help create a community based around the UK gaming industry; consisting of quality articles and features which will also hopefully appeal to gamers everywhere.

Kieron Rees

First and foremost I am a lifetime gamer, with a particular interest and affection for Nintendo consoles and software. I am an English graduate and a qualified teacher with journalism experience in local news and music journalism. My first foray into web design and games journalism was the successful Zelda website "The Master Sword", launched back in 1999, although unfortunately long-since defunct. I hope to help 8brit become a valuable resource for UK-based gamers, a hub of quality writing, UK-centric news and a community for UK gamers partake in.

If you'd like more information or would like to get in touch then feel free to contact us.