Thursday, 20 October 2011

3DS Press Conference - Friday 21st

Shrouded in mystery, what new and exciting things might Nintendo reveal about it's somewhat lame horse of a console?  It's no secret that what is a technological advancement of the sort that would have previously solidified Nintendo on top of the inovation podium, has fallen since the first hurdle.  With a press conference a few months ago announcing a new colour, several release dates and of course, that extra circle pad - Nintendo have announced another press conference scheduled for tomorrow.

Little is known about the pre-recorded event which is due to stream live through Japanese site Nico Nico, UStream and Douga.  Rumoured announcements include new firmware information, including further details on Nintendo's 3D video capture capabilities and further information on Mario Kart 7's wireless capabilities.  That doesn't sound like a great deal of information to warrant a full press conference however, so perhaps Nintendo have a few surprises in store as well?

We'll be sure to keep you updated about the conference tomorrow.

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