Sunday, 17 July 2011

News: Microsoft claim they have best first party titles

A top Microsoft exec has claimed that the Xbox 360 has the best first party titles. Although personally we expected him to passionately describe how much he loves Mario, instead Xbox CFO Dennis Durkin told Industry Gamers that he believes the Xbox 360 to possess not only superior titles but a greater breadth of titles. In response to the suggestion that Microsoft should purchase more studios Durkin responded;

"I would ask you to go and look at some of your data, just to compare first party performance over the course of this lifecycle, because I think our first party performance in terms of quality bars and units per title this shift has been superior to our competition’s.
"But certainly we think first party is an important tool and you can’t dispute titles like Forza, which has consistently come out on a repeated cadence and sold multi-million units. You can’t dispute things like Fable, which again, on a very consistent pace, has come out and sold 2 and 3 million units a pop. And now new titles, like Kinect Sports, which has come out and sold over 3 million units. So we are, not only building existing IP and incubating around titles like Halo and others, but really building new IP in new areas. And that’s going to be core to us... to build those experiences and monetize those."
While there are certainly strengths to Microsoft's first party output, to frame the statement in terms of units is ludicrous, especially when the figures he himself quotes are all under 5 million. To put this in perspective the original Wii Fit sold in excess of 20 million units.

[Source: Industry Gamers]

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